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Izzy Johnston - Violin

Izzy Johnston - Violin

Izzy Johnston - ViolinSELF-confident, caring and educated in a truly extraordinary musical family. Izzy aims to find the right balance for her career – where she can blend her passions for acting, dancing and music. She has found this blend in eScala.

Izzie’s intensive classical training began at Chethams’ School, Manchester (one of the country’s specialist music schools). Here she had violin lessons and the very best in musical education. From Chethams, she moved to the Royal Academy of Music in London.

“I didn’t want to become a classical musician but, without being classically trained, there is no way that I can stand on a stage and do what I do”.

From birth, music was everywhere in her family. Her father is a clarinettist and her mother plays the bassoon. Her parents run a music school in Harpenden (Harpenden Musicale), where Izzy has taught the violin on a regular basis. Izzy’s three brothers are all musicians – Magnus 28 (violin) is a BBC New Generation Artist, Guy 26 (cello) was BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2000 and Rupert 30 was a brilliant French horn player until, sadly, he was involved in a near fatal car accident and is now living in a brain injury rehabilitation unit in Aylesbury (Kent House).

“Rupert is my inspiration. Despite his brain injury, he can still play the French horn. Through his own determination, he has survived.”

Determined to be a professional musician like the rest of her family, Izzy left the Royal Academy of Music to join a classical crossover band, Wild, where she first met another eScala member, Chantal. Together they played worldwide during their two year contract with EMI. This is where, as Izzy put it, “we learnt the business”.

As Izzy’s reputation grew, she performed in many concerts. Highlights include appearances as guest soloist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in the ‘Four Seasons’, and also with the BBC Concert Orchestra in Michael Ball’s BBC Promenade Concert last year.

“I can not imagine life without my music making. What has been wonderful about this whole adventure with eScala is that it has been a natural coming together of four musicians who have followed musical paths very similar to my own. We are such close friends, and I just love performing with them. When I am on stage, I am at home”